Technology of the fiber couplers for integral optical circuits

This area includes developments of the innovative technologies for assembling the integral optical light guides, optical fibers technologies for the light guide photonics, and fiber optic sensors based on the effects of the light polarization and interference. In this purpose the state of the art techniques are used for simulation of the optical radiation propagation within the light guiding structures as well as various effects on the junctions between the optical fibers and integral optical light guides. These tasks realized with use of the precise machinery for measuring and positioning.

A key problem in the optical junction technology consists in required conformance of the multicomponent optical systems, depending on polarization, with precise fiber optic sensors being used in navigation (the gyroscopes), hydro-acoustics, energetic, and medicine.

Our staff has the high qualification and large experience of working with anisotropic optical fibers, integral optical light guides on lithium niobate (LiNbO3) as well as of operating the precise equipment for positioning, controlling, and measuring of the fibers optical and mechanical characteristics.