General Information

The research programmes of the International Laboratory of the silicon and fiber photonics and photonics of the microsystems include the following:
  •  Modeling, designing and analyzing the light guide systems on the basis of silicon, operating in the near infrared wave range. Among these systems are the interferometers such as of the Sagnac, Mach-Zehnder, Michelson types.
  •  Researches in the area of molecular scattering spectroscopy including Mandelstam-Brillouin and Raman light scattering in quartz glasses.
  •  Stabilization of the laser radiation sources spectral parameters in the near infrared wave range.  Modeling and experimental testing the 2D/3D systems for the light transfer from the optical fibers into integrated optics elements.
 The state-of-the-art photonic technologies allow forming, within the optical fibers the micro- and nano-scale structure, the irregularities leading to the refractive index value variations. This makes it possible to produce the long-period gratings as well as the regular Bragg’s diffraction gratings and chirped gratings.
 The state-of-the-art photonic technologies make it possible to form within the same fiber a number of the Bragg’s gratings operating at the different wave lengths. Such gratings may be used for creation of the unique fiber-optic interferometric sensor systems providing precision measuring the acoustic pressure and mechanical stress. On this basis may be designed the long distance hydro-acoustic systems for monitoring the underwater space up to 100 km, and (for 
certain surface facilities) up to thousands km.